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Travel Angel

Although we are not a travel agency, there are occasions when we do help travelers book airline tickets – either because their itineraries are too complex, or because we can save them a lot of money. We take care of those fliers every >step of the way – from the moment the idea for a trip is conceived until they return home. It's just like being a travel angel.

If you'd like to do your homework first, try to find the best fare available through normal channels. Then fill out our Challenge request form and see if we can beat the price you got.

We use highly effective and unique strategies in pursuit of two main goals, minimizing spending and maximizing comfort. In service of the first goal, we don't rely on automated airline systems, which are often programmed to overcharge unsuspecting customers – we try to beat the computer. We accomplish the second goal by helping you achieve and maintain elite status and maximize your benefits once they have them.

When booking travel, we advise you on all viable options and recommend the choices that provide the best combination of low cost and most comfort and convenience.

We don't abandon you once your ticket is issued. We help you upgrade your flights and keep track of your reservation for any schedule changes. We monitor your flights and try to predict delays and cancellations by tracking your aircraft's path, so we can rebook you on the best alternate flight even before you head to the airport. We also offer online check-in, where available, and monitor your upgrade status and suggest alternatives if needed.

The cream of our service is the inside and tested information we provide about the superiority of certain aircraft types, seats, meals, on-board amenities, airport lounges and other facilities. To top that off, we also advise you what specific terms and phrases to use when communicating with airline and airport agents that will distinguish you as a knowledgeable and experienced traveler who is not to be trifled with.

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